Despite growing up in a musical household, Tom was a reasonably late starter to the wonderful world of drums (starting at age 13). However, he soon made up for lost time with a near obsessive level of commitment to the instrument. He began with drum kit lessons through former West-End pro turned teacher Mike Grigg. Within a year he had formed his first [gritty] rock band and quickly became adept at taking the lead within the creative environment. It was during this time that he made his first ventures into composition, firstly within the group setting of the rock band and later as an individual. 


After building up his experience and confidence with  small club, pub and theatre pit gigs, he went on to study composition as an undergraduate at age 18. Having quickly established himself as a capable and practical composer-performer, it wasn't long before he was working for stage, screen and beyond as well as recording/ touring with progressive metal outfit Carpathia. Tom also decided to broaden his percussive palette by entering into the world of the orchestra, firstly focusing on snare and bass drum, with timpani and tuned instruments soon following. Later, as a postgraduate, he took this even further under renown UK percussive pioneer Joby Burgess. 

Shortly after returning to London in 2010, Tom became involved with numerous artists within its thriving musical culture, including Persian and improvised music, as well as the more ambitious elements of the rock scene. This led to performing at many of London's top venues, numerous recordings, several tours, TV performances and even a stint filming for a major Hollywood production at Pinewood studios. 


Today, Tom performs with Persian acts 'Ajam' and 'Ali Azimi & The Need'; in addition, he is now part of Japanese drumming group 'Taiko Meantime', who have a busy schedule of theatre performances, festival appearances and workshops throughout the year. He also composes and performs with his own rock fusion project 'Thing'. The rest of his time is divided up between his many other musical pursuits, including bands 'De Profundis' and 'VLookUp Trio', as well as numerous other bands and orchestras...not to mention his PhD study and teaching work!