Tom, after festival with Ali and the Need in Stockholm, Sweden.

Always open and ambitious with new music, Tom considers all performance opportunities.  As a long time composer-performer, he brings more than his technical skills to a project. His performance work has involved numerous tours at some of the top venues throughout Europe and North America, as well as several television and film performances.

Tom has a extensive list of acts that he has performed with and enjoys the diversity amongst his work. As well as working as a session player, he is currently performing with the following acts;

- Ali Azimi and the Need (Persian Rock)

- De Profundis (Progressive Metal)

- Mimika (Balkan Space Jazz)

- Taiko Meantime (Taiko Drumming)

- Arcadio (Electro Salsa)

- VLookUp Trio (Improvised Electro Fusion)