New tracks now available from "Thing"

"Taking in progressive rock and contemporary classical influences with nods toward a jazzy sound world en route, “Thing” is an exploration of the role of orchestral instruments within a rock ensemble, with a particular focus on tuned percussion.


The name is a reference to the Old Norse word for parliament or council and the lyrical content is laden with references to the myths of dark age Scandinavia. Through the use of multiple vocalists and instrumental textures, “Thing” begins a discussion and analysis of modern life set within a mythological framework."


Tracks "Yggdrasil" and "Loki" available now.

Ali Azimi and the Need album 2 out now! 

The long-awaited 2nd album from Ali and the Need entitled "Till Glory Finds Us" is now available here 

It was a pleasure to make full use of my drum and percussion skills on this album - live dates coming soon!!